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AT NORTH RIVER CHURCH, IT IS OUR DESIRE TO EQUIP disciple makers. Jesus taught his followers to make disciples, not converts. Equip: Classes will prepare you to make disciples as you grow in your knowledge of Scripture. Each class has been designed to help you understand and apply God’s Word with the ultimate goal of knowing, loving, trusting, and enjoying the Lord.

Whether you have a lot of time or a little time, whether you've studied the Bible for decades or have never opened the Bible before, there is a class for you. 


Beginning Monday, June 17th

This summer, we will be offering our first equip class: Everyday Theology.

Theology matters. Everyone is a theologian because everyone has thoughts about God. The question is, "Are you a good theologian or a bad theologian?" We hope you will join this eight-week class that will meet on Monday evenings from 6–7:30pm, as we discuss the truths that we embrace as followers of Christ. The eight weeks will cover:

Week 1 – Doing Theology
Week 2 – Theology Proper (Truth about God)
Week 3 – Bibliology (Truth about the Bible)
Week 4 – Anthropology and Hamartiology (Truth about Mankind and Sin)
Week 5 – Christology and Pneumatology (Truth about Christ and the Holy Spirit)
Week 6 – Soteriology (Truth about Salvation)
Week 7 – Ecclesiology (Truth about the Church)
Week 8 – Eschatology (Truth about the End Times)

Childcare is provided. 

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